Dental implants from Austin Prosthodontics will give you the freedom and confidence to be the person you want to be. But dental implant surgery itself is daunting enough without trying to navigate post-opt care. If you’ve found yourself wondering what can I eat after dental implant surgery, you’ve come to the right place.

Your dental implants will look and feel like natural teeth, but before you can start living and eating on your terms, you have to let them heal properly. This means that you will have to postpone eating all of your favorite foods until you are fully recovered from your surgery. We’ve laid out simple-to-follow guidelines with an easy list of foods that you can eat after your surgery to make your life a little easier while you’re recovering.

In the first two days:

Within the first two days after your procedure, you should only eat liquid foods. This means you should stick to foods like broth, soup, pudding, gelatin, and yogurt. Smoothies are a great option for getting healthy, nutrition-packed meals that are easy to eat and delicious!

  • Do not eat anything that is extremely hot or extremely cold.
  • Only eat liquid foods
  • Stay hydrated

In the first week:

After the first two days, you can start eating soft foods like eggs, mashed potatoes, and oatmeal. Eggs are an excellent option after your surgery—no matter how you cook them, they’re soft, easy to eat, and packed with nutritional value!

At this point, you can get a little more creative with your meals, just be sure to stay away from crunchy foods, hot or cold foods, and spicy foods to avoid infection or irritation.

In general:

Like all procedures, there are some general things that you should avoid after dental implant surgery. Following these general instructions will help ensure a healthy and speedy recovery so that you can start living and eating on your own terms.

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid spicy foods
  • Avoid citrus
  • Do not use a straw
  • No hard, sticky, or chewy foods (popcorn, hard candy, chips, pretzels, etc.)
  • Stay hydrated – this is essential to supporting your immune system, helping you heal efficiently.

An easy list of foods you can eat after dental implant surgery:

  • Room-temperature soup and broth
  • Jell-O and pudding
  • Mashed potatoes and baked potatoes
  • Steamed veggies like peppers, onions, carrots, squash, and broccoli
  • Bananas and other soft fruits like melons, berries, and peaches
  • Rice, grits, oatmeal, quinoa, couscous, risotto
  • Foods cut into smaller sizes that you don’t have to chew much
  • Dairy products like soft cheese and yogurt
  • Macaroni and cheese or other soft kinds of pasta
  • Milkshakes, smoothies, and ice cream
  • Ground beef, stewed chicken, fish, or any other protein, broken down into smaller bits
  • Beans

If you have any questions about what foods you can and cannot eat after surgery, give Dr. Carmona at Austin Prosthodontics a call! We’re more than happy to answer any of your post-op questions to ensure that you have the smoothest recovery possible.  

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